About Us

We would like to present our RAGNAROK boat. It is the only one tourist boat in the Atlantic Ocean which has been created based on the Viking theme. We’re happy and proud that Ragnarok has become an unforgettable experience for our guests.

Vikings from the Nordic lands were great conquerors of the seas and oceans, well known in the Middle Ages. Their wide-hull sailboats sailed even our Canary waters. Our staff in clothes from the period, decorations and unique atmosphere will take you back to the time of magic, mysticism, brave warriors and beautiful ladies. On board RAGNAROK you’ll become an explorer, adventurer and a traveller in the journey straight to the Viking world of powerful Kings, unique culture, everyday life, fashion, religion and myths. Our warriors will show you how to fight with a sword and the ancient oracle will teach you how to write in runes.

This is a boat for everyone, young and adults, seniors and whole families. The flexible and diverse program fulfils the expectations of every guest: adventure, adrenaline, tranquillity, relaxation, good food, whale watching and much, much more.

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We sail from the Puerto de Los Cristianos, flying the BLUE FLAG, to meet the dolphins and whales. During that part of the cruise our Viking sailors will tell the guests about a wonderful world of cetaceans. After watching whales and dolphins we stop for a break on the coast of La Caleta (Diego Hernández Beach) one of the most beautiful beaches on Tenerife with extraordinary views of cliffs and the majestic TEIDE volcano. In this magical place our guests can enjoy a bath, eat a typical Canarias meal, fresh fruits and cool down with local drinks.

On the way back, we offer a Viking show, fun and games with prizes, minting commemorative coins and a sword wielding lesson. Thanks to the clothes and accessories typical for the Viking culture, Travelers will be able to feel like real Vikings on the authentic Viking adventure. During the entire cruise we serve water, wine, soft drinks and beer without any limit.